Final Rating: 4.37. Finished 95 out of 197 entries.

19 views including the voting period.


Animator: Louisa

Description: a secret that could be revealed

Experience: 5 months

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Jacob Moreno:

Nice work. The movements are a bit floaty as of right now. I would focus on the transitions and holds from one pose to another. Think of each pose as a beat. Right now the beats are fairly consistent like a metronome. Try adding accents to the male character by adjusting the timing of his actions (i.e. quick and slow) or contrast in the poses itself (subtle to not so subtle). The story is quite interesting. Good job.

philipp seis:

too many unmotivated hand gestures.

Cuck Man:

Good idea but not executed that well. Just improve your 'character acting' skills and you're on your way

Monika G:

Some nice gestures. Just needs some more polish to make sure body works as a whole. Lipsync isn't working yet either.