Final Rating: 4.82. Finished 64 out of 197 entries.

50 views including the voting period.


Animator: Marcin Muszyński

Description: It was hard to end this animation. Renader quality is not as good as I want to .. but I had a fun time with that short animation

Experience: 3years

Time taken: 6 days


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Love the acting!

Jacob Moreno:

Really neat. The reaction that the girl takes at the beginning could use a beat before going right into the dialogue. The kid also looks drunk: I would avoid offsetting the blinks and having one eyelid liwer than the other. Nice work.

Lise Minnie:

Funny concept! - Made me laugh. :)
In my opinion some of the actions are a bit too sudden... try to delay it a bit - for example, the woman's action before the dialogue where she uses the razor and realises that the boy sees her - it looks like she almost cut herself. But good effort! :)

Danny Kneip:

Sooo bizarre! XD The lip sync is a bit rough and her palms do not appear to be on the tub at 343. Very unusual style


Some fun ideas in the child's acting. The characters seem to blink one eye before the other which is a bit distracting to me. I might also suggest pushing the child's expressions a little more extreme since the situation is odd enough to allow it and he's a child.

Calvin Kau:

Poor duck

Aaron Rivera:

Well, I wasn't expecting this. It's pretty good, though I feel like the sudden turn around at the beginning seems sudden. She probably should've realized the kid was there a moment before trying to defend herself. Though I like the clever way you had her turn the tables on him. the expressions are excellent as well and the setup is unique with some great posing. Good job!

Sergio Barragan L: