Final Rating: 6.46. Finished 19 out of 197 entries.

203 views including the voting period.


Animator: Brooke Wagstaff

Description: Modified Bonnie Rig ©Josh Sobel. Modified Malcolm Rig courtesy of

(Oops--next time I'll pay better attention to the final output size so you don't need a magnifying glass. Thanks for looking!)

Experience: 4 Years

Time taken: 1.5 weeks


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Love this one, the lighting ,composition and woman animation are perfect! Just a shame it's difficult to see the mans animation. Perhaps it needed a cut to close or pan in here? just a thought. Great work though!

Wei Wang:

the staging could be better, cant see face on the male

Jesse J. Jones:

Nice subtlety! I think I would like to see more reaction in the girl's face, but that's my preference. Really great job! :)

Daniel Vasconcellos:

Cool idea and setup!

Roger Crown:

Close up on the guy saying the end line......where is my CLOSEUP...........hhrrrrrmmmmm...????????


Very nice subtle movements. The turn by the woman could've been smoother. Overall the mood is great!

Valentious Williams:

lovely great ,feels like a film noir done well. Man i love this one ,subt;e and to the point .


Uncommon in this month's submissions that the woman's acting outshines the man's. Great subtlety in that.

Bailey Easson:

I really like this. The animation is well done and the monochromatic theme fits the mood. The main thing bothering me is that after Her movements are very nicely done, she's a statue at the end. If she could move some it would give it just a tad more life.

Martin Gil:

great!, that man is an asshole!

Avinash Kharat:

good one