Final Rating: 6.47. Finished 18 out of 197 entries.

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Animator: Abhishek Srivastava

Description: A conversation between two dogs .

Experience: Few years

Time taken: 10 days


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Danny Kneip:

Wow! What a sad dog! Great work with the emotions and acting. Strong poses, but the lip sync needs improvement.


Love the doggy movements and overlap as he shakes his head! A change in camera angle at the end so they are front on might help the staging at that point?

Hamid Beheshtian:


Jp Self:

Cool idea.

Mohamed Javith:

loved it..

Cuck Man:

Pretty good anatomical movement

Aanal Kumar:

awasom!!!!! what an animation!!!!!! loved it!!!!

Mattie Walsh:

The first part's really good. You could do with more movement in the heads to sell dialogue. It feels like you've found some good reference, but haven't been able to break from it entirely with the dialogue. The body mechanics are really good

Jesse J. Jones:

The nuzzle seems odd as it's a friendly gesture, but here he seems menacing. Just not sure it works. The tongue coming out also isn't on screen long enough to read, I would probably keep it in. He also steps on her tail at 202, ouch! Both of their breathing seems too frequent and it's distracting. Acting is done well though, great job! :)

Valentious Williams:

I simply love this one ,the jawls sprang to life in an interesting sorta way.


This is a lot of fun! The two characters have a good personality with them. Their breathing seems kind of erratic though, and it's a bit distracting.


Dammit! Top notch entry!!!

Avinash Kharat:

good 1