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...and a smooth exit

by Elliot

Final Rating: 6.26. Finished 26 out of 197 entries.

94 views including the voting period.


Animator: Elliot

Description: Who is really man's best friend?

Experience: 1-2 years professional

Time taken: 30+ hours


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Lise Minnie:

Hehehe! I like the cat's exaggerated body. :)

Cuck Man:

Lol the ending

I just wished the characters moved more.

Roger Crown:

This is no fun for the audience to watch, and the mouth sync's dont quite match....

so-so grade.....


Ha ha that ending's funny

Danny Kneip:

haha.. I can't believe you would do that to a cat!!! First you make him a bad guy, then you make him fat!! And then you stick him in a doggy door!! XD Really amusing idea and nicely animated. The walk cycle is smooth and believable. The style of the sync could use some additional polishing. From the original staging at 80, the back door is way in the background but on the cut to the cat, it's right near him. There's also a strange, rubbery camera move at 260-272 as it boomerangs back to the proper spot. Overall, a very amusing entry that could use some additional polishing.

Brooke Wagstaff:

Adorable! One of my favorites. :)


Love the design and the ending! Made me laugh :)


Great Puffy Cat :)

Aaron Rivera:

I want a t-shirt with these characters on them. Love the art style and the animation is just as stylized for the effect. It's not ambitious, but it's fun and polished. Nice job!

Andy Fallon:

lovely style


I really dog the style


I've watched all the entries and I have to say, this one is my favorite. The expressions on the cat are spot on and his walk near the end made me laugh out loud. Well done!