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Not all lawyers r to be trusted

by Nawaz

Final Rating: 7.34. Finished 5 out of 197 entries.

1,621 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nawaz

Description: Careful who you share your secrets with...

Experience: a few years general animation

Time taken: Few days mainly off office hours and weekends


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The player was being weird and I couldn't frame by frame, but when he stands his hips rise before any weight is put on his legs, so it feels like he's being lifted out of his seat by invisible strings. Great stuff in there otherwise, but maybe a few frames to show that weight being shifted from his ass on the chair to his feet on the ground could help.

Lise Minnie:

Nicely done! :)

Hamid Beheshtian:


Patrick O'Brien:

Hey this is good! One thing though as the man gets up from the chair, you don't feel the weight as he's getting up so maybe try acting it out yourself getting up from a seated position to get the body mechanics to look right.

Cuck Man:

I think you really hit on the guy's personality. Good job!

Himadri Sekhar Dhali:

nice output and very good animation.

Daniel Vasconcellos:

cool idea, good animation!

Aanal Kumar:


Davit Martirosyan:

Nice) top 10

Kristin Turnipseed:

Looks fantastic


This is #1 in my opinion. Watch out with zombie eyes.

Jesse J. Jones:

Great acting! The lipsync and expressions were brilliant on this one. Loved it! :)


Looks great, all the acting in this is really well done. The way he gets off of the chair looks a bit too weightless though. He should have a little lean back, then lean forward into standing up maybe. Nice job, though.


Needs a little push off from the hand or something when standing up. The weight shift of the body is too dramatic. I wanted to see a little emphasis on "out" when pointing his finger. Otherwise I think this one is my favorite this month!

Rob Cavallo:

I am glad to see that you stylized the characters to match the voice. This is one of the more believable entries. I like some of your animations choices too. Her "Will You" is a bit forced and her mouth shapes are pushed a bit too much. Tone those down a bit. 205 -215 feel like his hand is in IK and forgotten about. It was one of the few flaws in his acting. I really like the entry overall!