Final Rating: 3.11. Finished 170 out of 197 entries.

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Animator: Robert Medrano

Description: A lab tech destroys the lab with unforeseen consequences, and hopes the other tech won't tell the head of the lab.

Experience: Not that much formal training still teaching myself

Time taken: about maybe 16ish hours


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Not sure about the head dip on the purple lady, seems a bit too exaggerated maybe. Nice facial expressions :)

Michael D. Smith:

Too much unnecessary movement.

Cuck Man: she purple..

Mattie Walsh:

It's a bit jittery. A bit a reference would help to get the body mechanics to work

Jesse J. Jones:

There's too much movement going on with the woman, especially in the beginning, she just kinda flies from pose to pose. I would take out the pose at fr. 64, it doesn't stay long enough to read.