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I'll have to think about it?

by Paul Boogaards

Final Rating: 2.83. Finished 184 out of 197 entries.

24 views including the voting period.


Animator: Paul Boogaards

Description: One person worries the other person will tell everyone.

Experience: 5 years of animation school, 4 years of art school and 2 years of action classes.

Time taken: A week


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Nice poses but needs more work on the inbetweens to give it some sharper timing. Nice work on the lip sync :)

Michael D. Smith:

Too much moving around without focus and emotion.

Aanal Kumar:

robo animation!!!!

Jesse J. Jones:

Background is distracting, take the colors out or remove it. Needs animation basics. Poses need a lot of work, they look very unnatural and they just pop into place.


There's some good motion in the upper bodies of the characters, but their lower bodies unfortunately seem frozen in place. Infuse the whole character with the kind of motion you've given the upper body to give a complete performance, and you'll have a much stronger piece.


concentrate on poses