Final Rating: 6.15. Finished 30 out of 197 entries.

128 views including the voting period.


Animator: Himadri Sekhar Dhali

Description: the female character going somewhere and frightened to see the male character. she asked him not tell her husband/boyfriend.But the male character puzzling her with words which lead the situation into blackmail.

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 1 week


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Nice animation, staging could use some work in the third shot, they're very close to one another and it distracts from his acting and muddles their silhouettes together. In the fourth shot them being close worked, but having him so close to her in the shot before takes away a bit from him moving in even closer at the end.

philipp seis:

Has really nice parts in it. I like her when she hasn't recognized him yer (frame 48). I'd check his performance again. The finger gestures around 224 could be earlier and smaller, imo.

Danny Kneip:

looks beautiful, and the sync and overall performances are strong. But his gestures seem out of place.

Nik Ottinger:

really cool! the motion is really nice, but i find the beginning is a little over acted (just for the guy). I like the ending a lot though!

Michael D. Smith:

too fast.

Jesse J. Jones:

Just a small critique: the part where the guy is waving his finger and nodding his head seems a bit over-acty and at the end he changes expression but it doesn't stay on his face long enough to read. Great work though, I really enjoyed the ending! :)

Cuck Man:

203 had me laughing
A lot of good character traits
Only gripe is the beginning part where she said "You won't tell him will you?"
I think you could have added something more to that, really anything would have been good. (Also change the lipsync there)

Edward Chris Evjen:

Lots of good things going on, some of the man's gestures doesn't make sense. They don't appear to flow from his emotion or what he is thinking. When his arm shoots in the air is a good example. The lady's shock is very good.

Sean McDonald:

Around frame 183 the way his hand is under her chin creates kind of a weird silhouette, but I love the move to her side at 333. Great job!


The guy's arm gesture at "I don't know" looks a little misplaced to me. Love the bits when she gets a fright and the end shot though! :)

Onkar Singh:

love it !!

Jacob Moreno:

Nice job. Some more eye blinks from when the man is pointing would make it look more realistic or at least add some movement as it looks very still right now. That was the only part that really stood out. Good work.

Jocelyn Gray:

I really like this! I think there are just a few too many movements, ie he bobs his head a lot--if you were to keep the poses a little simpler, I think it would read even better