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My first "11 Second Club"

by Gil Shalom

Final Rating: 3.86. Finished 122 out of 197 entries.

23 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gil Shalom

Description: Good luck

Experience: Student for six months

Time taken: Three weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Jacob Moreno:

Interesting composition. I had to watch it twice to fully understand the story which had to deal with the boy at the beginning? Perhaps when the man looks behind his shoulder cut to the boy looking sad. It's an idea. The energy of the dialogue doesn't seem to fit just yet. Try to focus on getting variation in the timing of the animation and acting choices that might reflect the characters (the woman/mom who is very caring and the man/doctor who is trying to give the news lightly). Good work though with camera and layout.

Wei Wang:

the girl's head looks way too big when putting her with the skinny guy!!!!

Danny Kneip:

Bizarre mix of characters. Like Gandolf sitting down with Bilbo. Very distracting. The lip sync is hard to see because he's in shadow and the performance is very restrained.

Roger Crown:

This has to be an belated April fools gag.......big head and little head rigs....sorry but that don't work in my neck of the woods of an audience of say demographic ages 45-99yrs old who happen by this site and wonder if this is the future of characters that we must see on the big screen......

Cuck Man:

Thats a pretty diverse set of rigs you got there lol


Sometimes good posing, but there is no animation between poses

Jesse J. Jones:

Camera move at the beginning does not add to this, take it out. Not really a lot of acting happening here. If the audio was muted, I would have no idea there was any tension in this scene. Work on your story-telling poses!

Valentious Williams:

staging here is so of , the character relation to each other is out of scale .Makes the animation feel so out of place, and the camera work aswell

Mattie Walsh:

There are some nice things here. Her acting at the start is good. What throws it off at first is the great differences in the characters head/body ratio... but not judging that... he's got some good movement too. At the end though there's a lack of movement in the man. You want the gestures to sell the dialogue