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Breaking the Silence

by Tomer

Final Rating: 4.70. Finished 76 out of 197 entries.

31 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tomer

Description: Who said that dogs are human's best buddies...? (;

Experience: Student for 7 months now.

Time taken: about two weeks.


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

James Scudero:

This is my favorite concept so far! Creepy and hilarious! Polish the animation like a little more shock with the Bonnie rig

Daniel Vasconcellos:

Cool idea, render and setup, needs more work in the animation!
Keep it up!

Dominique Parisi:

love the idea!

Aaron Rivera:

Good job! The framing is very well done and I love the reactions here! I think the movements seem a little too stiff and kinda jerky here and there but the story and acting itself is pretty good.


There is staging, and history, camera movements are good enough. But body movements are too decomposed, don't work as a whole (ex. 45-93, arm along the body, fist on the pelvis, arm along the body in the same rythm, doesn't mark an intention, makes Bonie behave unnaturally (same remark applies after). And the dog creates the event, by obviously the rig wasn't done for lipsync and doesn't ernder good. Nice set, nice rendering. the last shot is the best of all, even though the head is tilted unnaturally.

Roger Crown:

grade is respectable.

at frame 221 can the audience clearly see the dog talking....?????
or not...

Jesse J. Jones:

Animation is pretty poppy, and the lipsync on the dog just seems to be his jaw moving up at down.


Great idea - something very different. It goes well with the sound clip. Only thing that stood out was the dogs lips sync seemed a bit stepped.

Bailey Easson:

The dog's lip sync could be a little smoother, but I love the fact she clearly wasn't expecting him to answer and her reaction was great. Good job!

Rob Cavallo:

This is the first original idea I saw and for that I congratulate you. I wish there were some more areas that you tweaked as the animations still feels unpolished overall. The staging and acting choices are very good.