Final Rating: 7.45. Finished 4 out of 197 entries.

18,013 views including the voting period.


Animator: Yoav shtibelman

Description: Maclom Rigs, MentalRay.

Experience: 3

Time taken: worked over the weekends


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James Scudero:

Beautifully animated!

Himadri Sekhar Dhali:

nice lighting and good animation

Michael D. Smith:

Out side of the cane not really touching the ground. Great!

Cuck Man:

good story good render good animations what can i say its pretty darn good gratz

Aanal Kumar:

nice!!!! expressions are pretty kool. need a bit more crankiness of the old man!!!! it wold have been awasom!!!

Danny Kneip:

beautifully rendered but I feel his sync needs a tad more polishing. His performance also feels restrained. Her performance is quite good and believable - the subtle movements, including blinks, are strong.


good execution!


what a good shot. must be in top 10. i think you miss the audio where there is a sound of paper rolling or something smiler. good luck.

Jesse J. Jones:

Great acting! Matches the dialogue very well!

Samar Preet Bawa:

good work

Aaron Rivera:

Near perfect! The framing and movement is all spot on, as are the expressions. The only grip I have is that he moves the cane like it's a walker, where usually the cane's tip leads a little farther so it can support the forward movement. As it stands, the cane doesn't seem to support any weight and is just a prop. Excellent job on everything else though!

muhammad rauf:

good job !!

Noyan Özkan:

lipsync before one way or another is off. woman's eye contact is off.

Reza Hadiani:

facial is weak but body mechanic is good
i couldnt feel any pride in man's face