Final Rating: 5.00. Finished 61 out of 197 entries.

47 views including the voting period.


Animator: Yuri Marcel Vieira

Description: she can only hope that he will keep her secret

Experience: 1 year studying

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Danny Kneip:

Some problems with the eyes. Her eyes do not seem synced at 53. 183, he does not seem to be looking at her. Even less so at 221. His eyes at the end are good as he walks into shadow. Good lip sync overall.

Cuck Man:

If there were more dynamic it would have been better. But its pretty decent.

Aanal Kumar:

could have been better!!!!

Mattie Walsh:

Your lipsyncking seems on the spot. You need more movement in the characters to sell the dialogue, such as shoulder movement and sharper head movement

Jack Kimberley:

A nice piece of animation, really good effort. One thing I feel when i watch this is that the male character seems a little awkward just standing there before he leaves. May be a secondary action, such as cleaning his suit, or checking the time might have helped.

Aaron Rivera:

Nice job! I love the slow turn as he's saying "but you'll find out", though I think it could've been a little faster, since here it kinda just looks like he's turning awkwardly. You also could've added a blink at the beginning or end of the turn, since here his eyes just kinda try to stay focused on her while he turns. A great job otherwise though!