Final Rating: 5.87. Finished 34 out of 197 entries.

91 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sean Thorpe

Description: Smoke Too Many Cigarettes or drink too many Drinks and you will eventually be talking to one of these guys

Experience: 7 years

Time taken: started on 18th


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Cool idea!

Aanal Kumar:

wow!!!! really nice concept... i really admire that.... and animation was kool too......


pretty surreal! Her finger motions in the beginning are kinda strange.

Danny Kneip:

wow.. just when i think i've seen it all! What a bizarre final frame (341). The lip sync seems a bit rough in spots. The performances are both intoxicating and distracting at the same time. well done, overall

James Ham:

Really creative idea!

Aaron Rivera:

Great animation! Some of the colors pop here and there but otherwise it's fantastic!

Jesse J. Jones:

Very interesting! I love the concept and it's executed very well! Only critique would be the hand grab at 200 seems a bit stiff in her wrist, would be nice to see some flexibility. Great job on this! :)


I especially like the way you handled the "one way or the other" line. The motion itself I think could use a little more smoothing and settling into the poses. Fun idea.

Menga Nkouka:

the characters 's acting is fine, maybe there is too many informations for the shot.


Really cool concept! :)

Noyan Özkan:

its hard to follow this.


amazing setting!

Monika G:

Interesting. Like how you play with colors