Final Rating: 3.63. Finished 135 out of 197 entries.

31 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jon Hillyer

Description: This character has some things to think about.

Experience: 2 months

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Jacob Moreno:

Not bad. The animation seems a bit floaty. Try to add variation in the timing (rather than a, a, a) try (a, aa, a, aaa, etc.). Think of a metronome and the poses as the beats of it. This might help. Nice work.

Kimberly Wilkie:

The facial animation is really nice, but try not to hold poses like you did at the beginning. He looks completely frozen and it doesn't feel right. Add a blink or two and some very subtle head/hand/body movements to keep the character alive. I also feel like when he's bringing his hands together, the action should be a bit quicker.
But overall, nice job!

Jesse J. Jones:

Pretty floaty. Work on timing. Eyes drift around fr. 118.

Monika G:

The eyelids feel dead, more movement together with the brows would have been nice