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In the Garden of Eden

by donna

Final Rating: 6.23. Finished 27 out of 197 entries.

86 views including the voting period.


Animator: donna

Description: "Pffft it's just an apple..."

Experience: Uni + 1yr-ish

Time taken: About a week on animation, spent longer on visuals :/


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philipp seis:

hehe, amazing style :)


Nice drawings, but not very expressive.

Nik Ottinger:

i love how the snake uses his tail as a fist at around 150!

Aanal Kumar:

beautiful style!!!!!

Danny Kneip:

really incredible style and clever idea. The camera push-in at 33 and pull out at 39 is strange. And she doesn't seem too concerned about his response to her question. Beautiful overall look, though.

Jesse J. Jones:

Pretty funny! I think the pose on "I'm going to have to think about it" is pretty cliche, but overall great job! :)


very good story.

Steve Hawthorne:

beautiful illustration work. Looks a little like rumpus animation, based in bristol

Aaron Rivera:

Amazing art style and great character designs! The only real complaint is the animation feels choppy here and there, like when the serpent moves his head he snaps into positions really quickly, though that could be a stylistic choice. The biggest issue is that before the second cut the serpent is rubbing his chin with his tail, and then after the cut the tail is behind him. Having the tail whip back around as he slithers forward would've added proper continuity between the scenes. Regardless, this is fantastically charming.


Hahaha great style and setting!


Love your style!

Rob Cavallo:

Fun concept, and original idea!! The snake slithering to the music is a nice touch as it also reminds me of the tune a snake charmer would make.

Yuri Marcel Vieira:

nice idea and execution