Final Rating: 4.71. Finished 74 out of 197 entries.

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Animator: Murtaza Tayyab Ali

Description: The woman hires a Goon to intimidate his husband who always use to beat her but is afraid that goon might reveal the secret.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 5-6 days. 3-4 hours midnight and and whole day on the weekend


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Think the lip sync might be slightly off in a couple off places but apart from that really like the timing and acting :)

Aanal Kumar:

need to work a lot.......

Arturo Arias:

I'm not sure the big changes in pose fit the actual dialogue, but nice job nontheless.

Jesse J. Jones:

Not sure what's going on in the beginning. It doesn't really read. Around frame 100 the action is really broad and happens too fast making it feel like a snap, would probably tone that down. Lipsync seems off on the "I don't know". When he sits down on the desk it also happens very fast with everything arriving at once. Try offsetting things, and showing him changing weight to sit on the desk. Great work though! Keep it up! :)