Final Rating: 4.68. Finished 77 out of 197 entries.

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Description: hi, this is the may competition of mine, I hope you would like it and I'm waiting to hear your critics and comments.

Experience: about 4 years

Time taken: about a week-part time


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Jacob Moreno:

Nice work on the girl. The dip on the man from the chair is a bit abrupt and doesn't read well. Good overall.

Aaron Rivera:

Pretty solid! The movement after "I'm going to think about this" is really jerky though and doesn't flow very well with the rest of it. I think you were going for something more energetic but it doesn't really fit the audio well. That and the expressions aren't energetic so it doesn't fit the grandiose acting. Regardless of intent, the movement itself is great, especially on the woman in the beginning, and her expression is spot on. Overall a good job.

Jesse J. Jones:

They both do the quick headshake at the beginning. Should probably pick one character to do it. I think it works better on the girl. Some twinning of the hands going on at fr. 170, some offset would be nice. At 180 he dips his head way too far for the getting up motion he's anticipating for. Bring it back a bit. Great job though! :)

Rob Cavallo:

Some nice acting choices with the man, but overall I am not certain I understand the premise of what's going on. The move starting at 170 is very forced, I understand what you were going for but the mood of the piece doesn't fir the actions. Not a bad animation by any means. Keep up the good work