Final Rating: 4.89. Finished 63 out of 197 entries.

24 views including the voting period.


Animator: An Otherperfectday

Description: She was a cheater...

Experience: 4years

Time taken: 80-90 hours


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Roger Crown:

Until I saw the lady flick her cig....did I realise there was that kind of great job overall....

Danny Kneip:

His body shifts around, and it's well animated. I appreciate the care he takes in setting the cup down. His fingers do cut into the table top at 172 and the lip sync could use polishing. His mannerisms seem totally believable, but probably not appropriately matched with the audio. The female sync is weak.

Jesse J. Jones:

Pretty good acting! Just needs some small touches, like offseting his hand motion, so they don't both move at the same time like at fr. 150. His head has two movements around fr. 245 that should probably be combined into one smooth arc of movement. There's also a bit of popping around fr. 75 that could be smoothed out. Great job on this though! It's just frustrating that he never takes a drink!!! :P