Final Rating: 7.17. Finished 8 out of 197 entries.

20,327 views including the voting period.


Animator: Don Dixon

Description: Sleaze has the upper hand on a woman who fears a certain truth might be revealed, that could result in a tragic and sad ending.

Experience: 10+ years

Time taken: 2 and a half weeks


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Danny Kneip:

Really strong work. Love the interaction between the characters. The expressions are great and the performances are very believable. Her fingers and hand are strange at 192 and on close examination, it feels like the hands are bisecting at 197-204. Overall, you have taken an extremely creepy model (in my opinion) and turned him into an extremely creepy character. It's the only reason I can forgive you for having him leave the frame at 329 for the final line, running through 403. It's a cheat, yes, but I think if he HAS to leave the frame, you made the right choice to stay on her. Congratulations on a terrific animation.


Very funny :)


The slap reads as playful

Lise Minnie:

This is cool! I saw your work in progress videos and I must say "Well done!" - I really like how it turned out! :)

Cuck Man:

I saw dat WIP and definitely gets some praise just through the process that you went through to make this. The "you'll find out" part with the hands may have been too awkward though. (That's heavy criticism considering its pretty creative too, so don't get depressed over it) Overall pretty nice; I hope this will get in the top 10

Jesse J. Jones:

Great acting! I really liked this one. I really felt the contact between them. My only critique would be I feel the arm push away could have involved more of her body to really push that arm away. Great job on this! :)

Aanal Kumar:

nice!!!! acting is grate...


great silent/sub-movements!

Bailey Easson:

Very nice interaction animations between the touching characters. It was done really nicely, and the animation overall was smooth. Good job!

James Hazael:

creepy guy

Rob Cavallo:

I really enjoy the obtrusive finger and the slap. His actions while walking away are great too. Something about it feels just a tad floaty. Not sure what but I do miss just a bit of that snappy animation in this. Overall a nice entry.

Jack Granger:

Really impressive, I love the girls facial expressions.


Great animation ! Great presentation!


Love the interaction between the two!