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Never trust a squirrel

by Jeremy Fee

Final Rating: 3.35. Finished 150 out of 197 entries.

33 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jeremy Fee

Description: A cute but deceiving squirrel is about to "spill the beans" to a boy who is very concerned about the upcoming conversation.

Experience: none

Time taken: 30 hours max. throughout my spare time


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Arturo Arias:

I really like the acting decisions here; specially the last part, but the animation itself lacks the sense of being organic.


The idea and timing is good. The camera could have been better, especially the movements

Mattie Walsh:

Really good lipsyncking. The movement seem to work well with what he's saying. The camera position on his walk, front on, seems a little awkward. He stops to an abrupt halt. The arms a little floaty at the end. The tail movement is a really good addition. That final head tilt is nice

Jesse J. Jones:

Camera move is distracting.


The squirrel seems stiff and robotic. Its movement, especially when taking that breath, is jerky in the beginning. Smooth out the actions and give them a little more Time to actualize. In the walk cycle, there is very little motion in the hips, and the feet are only rotating on forward/backward axis. Try loosening it up by getting some good turn in those portions of the body when the weight transfers. I do like the facial expressions with the Squirrel.