Final Rating: 3.12. Finished 166 out of 197 entries.

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Animator: Daniel Coster

Description: So, this is not only my first time entering in the 11 Second Club, but my first time doing any form of character animation at all. Any constructive criticism and forms of help you can offer are greatly appreciated!

Experience: University student (so, a few weeks at best)

Time taken: Around 5 hours


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Aanal Kumar:

need a lot of work!!!!

Michael D. Smith:

too much like puppets. Needs acting.

Jesse J. Jones:

Posing is stiff-- hands are at zero pose. Try practicing posing characters into good lines of action.

Ruth Agada:

The second shot is totally different from the first shot. The animation would have been fine if the first shot had stayed till the end.

Menga Nkouka:

Maybe before the cut, you could make the man turns towards the woman so the action would be more understandable