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Our Big Mouth Means Death

by Essi Ayenne

Final Rating: 6.70. Finished 11 out of 72 entries.

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Animator: Essi Ayenne

Description: Using legally distinct character design, I've animated legally distinct versions of the characters Blackbeard, Antoinette, and Gabriel as an homage to the show we all adore.

Experience: 23 years

Time taken: Four days


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omg reminds me of the animation style of Big Mouth xD

Jose Velasquez:

Lol straight from the episode of the show. The facial expressions and emotions are good.


Very clean animation : body, eyes and mouth. Drawings are also neat !


me liky ur style!

Anna M.:

I like the character design and the way the woman is just sitting there fanning herself ignoring them, its delightful.