Final Rating: 4.54. Finished 53 out of 72 entries.

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Animator: Olivia Selbee

Description: This animation was inspired by my candino ball python, Leroy.

Experience: Not a whole bunch, maybe a year of non-dedicated practice.

Time taken: Approx 25 hours


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Alexis Gamber:

Love the story and concept. I actually laughed out loud. The animation is a little jitter, could use more frames, but still nice work.

Mayra Rodríguez:

good idea.

Richard Adams:

A unique idea, really creative! Love that exit sign. lol

Jad El-Khoury:

Very unique idea!


The idea is great. So bad it lacks of fluidity. Don't hesitate to add in-betweens (if you have time to polish the animation, of course).