Final Rating: 8.07. Finished 3 out of 193 entries.

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Animator: Andrés Ramos

Description: house cat gets angry with stray cat for breaking into his house.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 1 week (not full time)


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Richard Adams:

Haha. Love that touch when Gamma tries to tip over the cup but the black cat rescues it just in time! :D Animation overall is really nicely done, too. Beautiful walk cycle on Gamma, terrific facial expressiveness on the black cat. Gamma could've used a bit more facial expressiveness though. Good lip syncing.

Karol Kordys:

Love the interaction between both characters. Their personalities come through so clearly in such an incredibly short amount of time.

Arie Hendrawan:

good acting choice and animation idea. like straight from movie