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Animator: Andrew Skelton

Description: For this months competition I created my own puppet.

I then proceeded to animate in my usual blue screen room at uni. This was captured using Dragonframe software.

I spent 2 days animating and an extra day in post, keying. compositing and masking.

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 2 Days


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Jennifer Croom:

I actually wondered for a moment if this was a puppet, that's how good this top motion is.

Richard Adams:

Holy wow.....this is the best stop motion animation I've ever seen on 11-Second Club, *ever*! Stunning!

Stephen Steinbach:

very clever and creative, great animation style. Very original

I would love to work with you on future projects

Michael D. Smith:

Timing is a bit off with the physical actions to the words. Love the medium and the texture.

Animatical Productions:

Lip syncing was a bit off, but otherwise good

Jose Velasquez:

This is scary and cool at the same time.

Abbie barns:

Stop motion animation is spot on! Stop motion always had a great place in my heart!

Jingle Grigsby:

Super sweet! "That was sick" - Megan

Taylor Paige-Timmins:

Great animation. I like the stop motion animation of the moving sock and the monkey with the moving fur. Doesn’t need any improvement. Keep up the good work.