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Animator: Andthenisaidoatmeal

Description: An experiment to see just how far my Blender 2D puppet workflow will go.

Experience: A little less than a year (self-taught, hobbyist).

Time taken: 5 days for art, rigging, 2.5 days for posing, sound sync, a few hours more for rewatch+cleanup, etc.


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Richard Adams:

Beautifully polished. Very appealing character design. Love the little details you put into the movements.

Predrag Lazic:

The feeling of him being upset carries.


On rewatch, after not working on it for a bit:

- the secondary movement on the sock and her ears
- good use of hammerspace
- him scratching his whiskers
- the eye-roll between frames 39 and 61, along with the exasperation squiggle

- she needs an extra head pose or two to smooth out the head turn (or maybe a smear)
- her arm and the sock should smear between frames 49 and 53
- would look a little nicer done on twos instead of on threes
- he could have done with another frown pose (maybe, something -subtly- different)

I give myself six stars. I feel like I have room to grow, but this is not bad for a self-taught newbie only just figuring out a workflow.