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You think you have it bad?

by Hel Bone

Final Rating: 7.13. Finished 6 out of 117 entries.

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Animator: Hel Bone

Description: A rambunctious hillbilly gets a mouthful from their disgruntled farmhand.

Experience: Two years as a student

Time taken: Somewhere between 2-3 weeks


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Richard Adams:

Wow....possible #1 winner this month. SOOO well done!


Original idea. Would be better in colour

Maxine M.V:

I love the zoon in on her face when she says "let me have this one thing"

Taylor Paige-Timmins:

This is an awesome animation i don’t see any of this needs improvement as its all good detailed. Keep up the good work.


This person ruined the grading curve for the rest of us... ;)