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Stranded Ventriloquist

by Arindam K Dutta, March Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.91. Finished 1 out of 145 entries.

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Animator: Arindam K Dutta

Description: I don't know what I made here, but I really feel sorry for the guy.

Experience: 3 year +

Time taken: 1 week


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Paul Jun-ho Chang:

poo-ha-ha....that's funny

Myeong Su Kim:

This is the animation!


Incredible work

Alisha Clarke:

Love this unique concept, heartbreaking at the same time realising how lonely he is! Great atmosphere and animation!

Tristan Riggs:

HAHA! oh wow, incredible!


This style is so sick!



Aaron James Mongcopa:

Wow, amazing acting and concept. Winner in my books! The tounge from the hand concept is cool!


SO creative with the hand!! Motion is smooth and believable and the lip syncing is spot on!

jerome kaunder:



unique idea! good!

Cody Cessna:

This has got to be the winner. Best concept, best animation.


Really lovely movements, super fluid, and a wonderful interesting concept! Nicely done!
Felt the lighting overlay was a bit strong, took focus away from your nice movements a little


omg... comedy gold. my type of comedy. you got me at frame 1.

daniel forsgren:

Fantastic, nice concept and well executed.