Final Rating: 4.60. Finished 64 out of 145 entries.

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Animator: Molnár Erika

Description: As I listened throughout the text, I clearly imagined an island with two turtles. In my story, one wants to go while the other doesn’t. He covers up to live his first "shipwreck". The other one wants to build a ship out of palm trees.

Experience: One year

Time taken: 1 month


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Tristan Riggs:

cool cool cool, great style!

William Butler:

very nice textures and colours

Megan Lucas:

The smear frames on the head turn make the action faster, but the rest of the animation is really precise and paced well. This makes the head turn feel out of place.
Try adding more inbetweens to the head turn, or changing the action to something that fits the rest of the animation better (even if it is just changing the secound half to a head tilt.)
I really like all the little motions like in the fingers and on the nose boop