Final Rating: 7.69. Finished 3 out of 156 entries.

1,403,350 views including the voting period.


Animator: Michael Loeck

Description: Just wanted to do something goofy.

Experience: 15

Time taken: 9 hours


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Rahul Sharma:

Top 10

Laszlo Hajba:

I don't have any idea how this action relates to the sound.
The animation is great though...

Daniel Vasconcellos:

Awesome, idea and execution!!!
My favourite :)

Richard Adams:

The animation here is superb. The idea...kinda "off", as it's hard to relate this to the song. A man, singing with a female voice--and a cowboy at a shootout at that. Doesn't quite work. Yet he moves so well, I have to give this a high rating. That tongue is a really nice touch. lol. Definitely unique. 9 stars from me.

Pallav Sharma:

A very nice animation maybe the winner let's see

Jamie F:

ha nice!

Carlos Guadarrama:

Nice! This one's really really good, the only downside to it is I feel the context doesn't really work, but the animation is top notch. Unfortunately you won't get any feedback for the first half if this piece wins, but I've got no notes for you. Animation is 10/10.

Thibaut Huet:

So cool and really funny ! good job !


yeah ballad of buster scruggs

Reece Morgado:

Absolutely phenomenal character animation, just oozing with personality and charm. My own criticism would be that the visuals and the character you've chosen don't seem to have anything in common with the audio leading to a very odd juxtaposition. Regardless still, very well done!


so creative!!

Elisabeth Janerka:

Super nice animation, but this setup makes no sense