Final Rating: 6.72. Finished 9 out of 156 entries.

197,612 views including the voting period.


Animator: mithat

Description: Girl who missing someone

Experience: 8 Years

Time taken: 2 weeks (including evenings)


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i like the idea and composition. i do think the character animation needs improvement

paula Gallagher:

cool medium!

John Aurthur Mercader:

This is some amazing compositing! But this could really benefit from more blocking and better posing. But damn more practice and youll be making some amazing stuff!

Richard Adams:

Massive artistic appeal in this one. Idea works terrific, too. Perhaps the most beautiful entry this month. Animation...a bit stiff but not bad.

Miguel R. C.:

The design and style is quite nice and appealing. I would try to work more on the animation of the girl and make a bit more overlap between the different parts of her body, things seem to be moving all at the same time a bit. Nice work so far!

Carlos Guadarrama:

Love the style

Reece Morgado:

Absolutely gorgeous character model and environment. The movements and easing are all really linear though which comes across as stiff and robotic, but with a little more work this could easily be an absolutely phenomenal piece of art and animation.