Final Rating: 6.02. Finished 19 out of 156 entries.

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Animator: Catherine Lachepelle

Description: I wish I had a little more time to polish everything up. It was still a very good exercise as I tend to animate more physical, cartoony shots; the subtlety of the shot was a challenge. I learned a lot, despite not being 100% satisfied with the end result.

Experience: University Student

Time taken: About a week and a half


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Rahul Sharma:

Top 10

John Aurthur Mercader:

This is great! Could really benefit to block in more inbetweens before splining. Poses are solid and lipsyc is good :)


Great acting and animation, setting was simple but ultimately effective.

Carlos Guadarrama:

This is a really good performance piece, love the subtleties and the acting. I'd give it another polish pass as it doesn't feel smooth some times.