Final Rating: 6.57. Finished 11 out of 156 entries.

43,149 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jean-Baptiste

Description: A woman singing in the dark...

Experience: Student

Time taken: 23 hours


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vijay bisht:

nice animation bad acting choice

YewChung Wong:

I can see the good acting here. just need to spend more time on polish it up. Great job

Daniel Vasconcellos:

Good! Needs more polishing, good idea also!

John Aurthur Mercader:

Youve got some great posing here. I think what could help push this woulbe be to take more time blocking in your transitions, really draw out the archs and the easing in and out between the big moves


Good work, though the lack of environment makes it hard to follow I love the reflection, but it probably would have been better to have that from the beginning.

Michael Loeck:

I really like the choice to have her slump down on the ground. .. Great work!!

Miguel R. C.:

It is a nice idea, lots of emotion into it. I like the main poses as well, but I see that the transitions between them are a bit rough sometimes (around frames 28, 110 and 230). I would try to soften that a slightly bit, just enough to make it more readable. But overall good job!

Carlos Guadarrama:

Nice! The performance is super good, I'd only look at some of your transitions as they feel sudden, you could smooth them a tiny bit.