Final Rating: 6.52. Finished 13 out of 156 entries.

784 views including the voting period.


Animator: Soonjae Kwon

Description: RIP my first lovely 13y old boy.

Experience: senior level

Time taken: around 10 hr total (for a week)


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Pablo García:

nice acting

Richard Adams:

Really nice expressiveness and lip syncing with the cat's face.

John Aurthur Mercader:

Push the m's b's oo's. Apart from that, this is quite solid :)

Jamie F:

Nice! You just missed the "m" mouth shape on 'smile' which really threw me off

Carlos Guadarrama:

This is great. Good concept and a really nice execution. I'd work a little bit more on the cat's lipsync, and you could smooth the human's animation, it feels a little stiff

Manuchar Tumanishvili:

very creative just needs polishing


Love it!!