Final Rating: 5.50. Finished 33 out of 156 entries.

350 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lauren Baker

Description: A hand-drawn digital 2D animation. It's about a mother who is coming to terms with the fact that her daughter is growing up.

Experience: 1.5 years (student)

Time taken: March!


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John Aurthur Mercader:

Awesome work! Push those poses further!

Richard Adams:

Really appealing, love the artistic design choices here. Biggest weakness, lip syncing isn't quite right yet. Can't tell what syllables she's mouthing. Wish there were more frames-per-second to help with smoothness of movement. Beautiful to look at though, and body mechanics and acting choices works well.

Reece Morgado:

Absolutely gorgeous character animation, but just needed a little more work to fix out a few animation errors. Right at the end the shoe isn't coloured in, and at around frame 170 two dots begin to appear to the left of the head.

Other than those minor and easily solvable issues though there's a great sense of depth and weight to the character and their movements! Very well done!

Elisabeth Janerka:

The animation is fine, but I don't understand the setup?


im missing some inbetweens but is really nice