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Animator: Shanya Kulasekara

Description: Inspired by tik tok dances i thought i might as well just make an animation based of it.

i used blender2.8 to animate this character
and credits to the blender cloud for the rig and character.

Experience: a few months

Time taken: two weeks


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vijay bisht:

wrong acting choice though animation is good

John Aurthur Mercader:

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa this is fantastic

Richard Adams:

What on earth?!? Okay, this one made me laugh. That is some of the strangest body mechanics I've ever seen.

Carlos Guadarrama:

I like how the style you were going for this one is of someone overacting, but try moving things at different times, at different speeds. Everything is moving at the same time and you're not really leading the movement with anything. Drag movements and this could be a really nice reel piece.

Michael Loeck:

I can't tell if you were going funny with this and seeing how many poses you can fit 11 seconds for fun or not. I'd love to see your reference for this if you have it lol. But it made me laugh .. I dont know if it was intentional on your part or not. But it has style and character for sure..


best gay overacting everrrrrr