Final Rating: 3.16. Finished 226 out of 283 entries.

293 views including the voting period.


Animator: balaji sathappan

Description: In this there is an office worker he gets tensed and comes into washroom to wash his face and gets fresh at the time his mid voice speaked to him and the conversation starts

Experience: 8 MONTHS

Time taken: IT TOOK 29 DAYS


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Jamie F:

Nice idea. The cuts are not working with the audio however. Try to work on the ease ins and outs to make the animation less floaty.

Hadas Rosen:

These gratuitous cuts are detracting! Everything's jumping around and I can't read it.

talha bin khalid:

Too much camera movement, could better, kudos for your effort

Kimberly Holbrook:

The jagged audio cuts make this hard to enjoy. The animation itself though shows a lot of good qualities that I wish were explored more.

My Larsson:

What's with the cuts in the audio?