Final Rating: 5.37. Finished 47 out of 283 entries.

3,098 views including the voting period.


Animator: Angellynn Siaw

Description: Boy tries to escape from his demons which then later defeats the demon by (accidentally) summoning a guardian.

Experience: animate during free time/hobby since 2014

Time taken: roughly 5days


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Jamie F:

No video

Johnell Umberger:

this was blank, absolutely blank, no matter how long it sat nor how many times I refreshed

Charlie Rose:

I really enjoyed the short action sequence at the beginning, but the actual dialogue wasn't quite as interesting, especially the "you did" text on screen.

Mostafa Barakat:

Really Good! I'd say take out the subtitle of "You did" and show the flame talking again and add more breakdowns and in-betweens at the end.

Laajaj Nassim:

This is a short film! I like the fact that you're really telling a story and we go with you!....The intro is intense, it has made me remember the intro of princess monoke with the boar demon! Keep having and giving fun..