Final Rating: 3.51. Finished 188 out of 283 entries.

454 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bryson

Description: A innocent squirrel lost and confused on an island suddenly has powers, or is it his mind just playing tricks?

Experience: about 2 years

Time taken: about 20 hours


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Jamie F:

I did like the boat!

Hadas Rosen:

Confusing camera and scenario! The ending shot is nice and you have some nice acting, but it's not reading.


I like an idea.

Bret Kauppila:

A very interesting take on the sound file. Normally, the combination of 3D animation and 2D animation would throw me off, and it does, but it works in this scenario since the second character is supposed to be a figment of the first's imagination. I also do like the design of the British boat character.

What works against this animation, for me at least, is that the squirrel's mouth moved almost in sync with the sound file at the start, tricking me into thinking the squirrel was the first character, and further throwing me off when the boat character was introduced. Speaking of the boat character's introduction, I don't think the telescope vision was necessary. It doesn't really make sense and I feel it just gets in the way.

But to end this critique on a positive note, nice water effects!