Final Rating: 3.02. Finished 241 out of 283 entries.

710 views including the voting period.


Animator: tenzin chowang

Description: once a jelly crawling around mountain side. he fall suddenly and felt something strange. when look at back side he found new kind of himself. actually that was his dispatched body

Experience: just 2nd year running in animation courses

Time taken: 20 days almost..


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Hadas Rosen:

The opening is too long! Also, the whole thing is stretched, I think it might've been the wrong aspect ratio. But in general, if you're not going to have a face that's gonna express emotion, sell the performance with the body language!

Donald Marks:

I honestly don't really know what's going on here other than there are two jelly-creatures talking to eachother.

Elisabeth Janerka:

A shame that the format doesn't fit

My Larsson:

Why is it so thin and small?