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And you’re British?

by Rajarshi Pal

Final Rating: 7.03. Finished 10 out of 283 entries.

1,682 views including the voting period.


Animator: Rajarshi Pal

Description: thank you

Experience: 3.5

Time taken: 30 hours


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John M:

Nice. I like this a lot. The camera would have been better a little closer for most of the shot at the competition resolution.

Hadas Rosen:

The little hold with the glasses before they drop is a really nice touch! The acting is really well done :)

Gokul Dev:

nice :-)


so kewll

Felicia Martin:

Nice job on this piece! The narrative is entertaining and fits well with the dialogue. Your poses of the small figure are great, especially his first pose after coming to life (around 29 frames). The contrast between the tight initial pose of this character and this leaned, reaching out pose as he begins to speak is effective in portraying this surprising change of state. I suggest adding more upper body and hand movement to the larger character, especially around the 140 frame mark (during the line "created me"). This will help push the larger character's reaction of being shocked. It will also help make the transition into the deep breathing of this character smoother, because right now the character goes from barely moving to exaggerated breathing, which is a bit jarring. Overall, great job!