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talking to my other self

by hi

Final Rating: 2.46. Finished 275 out of 283 entries.

713 views including the voting period.


Animator: hi

Description: A small project of my university

Experience: little bit

Time taken: one week


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Daniel Miller:

too much audio editing

Johnell Umberger:

liked the take but, we weren't to alter sound byte. wish you could have fit your concept around the parameters, because it was cool

Oliviero Pernigotti:

well, it's a jumpscare, and a poor one at that.

Alan Birrueta:


Lau Robles:

exelcior!!! c que eres tu furby :v
(. .)

Charlie Rose:

Why would you waste your time like this? Good work building up the jumpscare and everything, but to what end?

James Adams:

Not a fan of loud jumpscare screamers. Feels cheap compared to what you could have actually done.

Joab Torres:



boring and predictable.

Perry Wubben:

I secretly love this apart from the jumpscare at the end.
Too bad it's not allowed.

Keely Imai: