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Stressfull adventure

by Thomas Dibet

Final Rating: 7.54. Finished 6 out of 283 entries.

76,541 views including the voting period.


Animator: Thomas Dibet

Description: A young adventurer have some hallucinations

Experience: 3 yo

Time taken: 10 days


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Ivan Mendoza:

Really well done. Saw your wip and I really like the way it turned out. If anything, the first step of the koala looks a bit poppy. Other than that, top 11 for sure. Keep it up.

Jamie F:

Lovely acting choices. Juuuust missed 'rational mind' on the lip sync.

Hadas Rosen:

Love the contrast in attitudes! The posing on the human is really nice :)

Carl Slate:

The mouse character is nice and life-like, but this seems to beg for the human to be trembling at the knees/sword. This is definitely quality work, though, good job.

talha bin khalid:

Amazing bro, like a movie

Sébastien Marro:

Oursi !


Glad you fixed the sticky feet you was having during the work in progress stage :)

Gokul Dev:

nice *

Henry Barbee:

Ew he drinks it haha!

Sean McDermott:

Phenomenal work. There is excellent use of secondary action in this piece and I find that it melds together well with the story. I find myself wondering how the koala is so confident and calm, that not only does he dip his cigar in his tea, but he also ashes it in the tea and then takes a sip at the end. Wonderful touches. As for the sword character, he has a great silhouette. I love the small arc you included in the lean. Bending the sword was a nice touch as well to exaggerate the minimal movement and make it feel like it had more impact. If I were to suggest anything to change/touch up, it would be to add in some other stagnant elements to embrace the story. If there were bodies or robots or something around the kid on the ground it would push the story even further. Fantastic job.