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Conscious Subconscious

by Hadas Rosen

Final Rating: 7.12. Finished 8 out of 283 entries.

70,170 views including the voting period.


Animator: Hadas Rosen

Description: A monkey in the throes of a crisis gets confronted by his subconscious.

Experience: Not much, just a couple years as a student

Time taken: 5 days (spread out over the course of a couple weeks)


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Donald Marks:

Love the character designs and the animation. The linework could be cleaned up a bit, and the foreground character's movements in the beginning were very repetitive. Strong piece overall though!

Jamie F:


Andriy Hrymalyuk:

Love it! :) It's the best I've seen so far!
Thank you for being awesome :)

talha bin khalid:

Pure poses

Kimberly Holbrook:

Love these character designs and the expressions. My only drawback is that I wish it was just a tad bit smoother instead of being animated on what seems to be 2s or 4s.

Gokul Dev:

nice *

Sean McDermott:

This is stellar. Before getting into the character animation, I just want to say I'm a huge fan of the character designs. You can see the stress in the character in the foreground's eyes. You can see how calm and put together the other character is. I love the poses of both characters. Specifically the right to left movement of the British character. The way his hands are so close together in front of him supports his composure as well. For the other character, I am a huge fan of his reaction at "rational mind." I could feel the introspective emotion from the way he looked down. Super cool. If I were to suggest anything to touch up/ push next time, I'd look into tweaking the twinning of both characters arms. Delaying the motion of a limb by just a few frames can add to the weight of the character and really push that motion. Incredible work.