Final Rating: 7.63. Finished 5 out of 283 entries.

38,059 views including the voting period.


Animator: Michel Bidart

Description: A tiny solution to a big problem

Experience: 14 years

Time taken: About 12 hours total


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Hadas Rosen:

Great looking animation! The staging is also really clear and creative :)

Jamie F:

Nice composition and movements.

talha bin khalid:

Quality animation

Gokul Dev:

nice *

Sean McDermott:

This is super duper solid. I love the dynamic composition. I didn't even realize how it was set up at first and the surprise that the second character was a giant was super cool. Your poses are really clean and readable, the environment helped push the story, the dust effect was a nice touch, and the overall animation was very smooth. If I could suggest something to look at touching up a little, it would be to have the second character moving beforehand. Have a little bit of struggle in the background so that the weird breathing in the audio doesn't come off as something so abrupt. Other than that, you killed it. Great job.

Felicia Martin:

Awesome job on this piece! The facial animation on both characters is very strong and really pushes their personalities. I love the squash and stretch used in the face, especially with the small British character. The contrast between the squashed face around the 80 frame mark and the open expression about ten frames later when the character says "created me" is very appealing and visually captivating. Then, the character's expression goes back into a squash around 120 frames and opens up again when he points to the other character and says "you did." This technique helps emphasize certain key words in the dialogue that is important to your story and characters' personalities. The staging, composition, and camera movement is fantastic. I love how we are viewing the animation from the smaller character's height and then there is a reveal of the giant character. A suggestion that I have would be to bring the focus back onto the small British character sooner (as soon as he begins talking). You have a nice point and change of facial expression, but I didn't notice it the first time I watched it because it is out of focus. Also, I would add subtle movements to the giant character before he leans down for his line. Great work!