Final Rating: 4.86. Finished 69 out of 283 entries.

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Animator: siavash hashemzadeh

Description: there is a brain that has came out of this guy head

Experience: 7 years

Time taken: 7 days


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Hadas Rosen:

I like the dude's acting! However, the brain is very need to pop into the accents (the vowels)! Take the word "breakdown", for example. The "ea" in "breakdown" is the accent of the sentence, and if you wanted the brain to tilt his head down, anticipate until that sound happens, and then pop down into the tilt during it. You want a lot of movement/change on the accent!

Mostafa Barakat:

I love the animation great work would like to see more scenery though and hear less crackling however that could be the program u used.

Keely Imai:

Tinny audio aside, the acting and linework are good!