Final Rating: 4.50. Finished 66 out of 139 entries.

418 views including the voting period.


Animator: FanXinghao

Description: a1要去a2家开展训练营,a2不同意,起了争执。

Experience: I just a student

Time taken: 1year


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Fernando Incetta:

The staging is good and easy to read. The hand gestures of the guy in blue seem a little random, try to make them clear and less IK-ish.

Shantanu K:

It's pretty cool, but it can be more interesting, hand gestures are repetitive, try exaggeration of expressions

Leo Leung:

i would act out the scenario with more different and contrast personnalities and exaggerating them

Christopher Wasp:

Animation has a dead start to it. The arm movements are locking into place when they move and also the lip sync is off. Pretty good work though.