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We’re good then!

by TKEom

Final Rating: 7.48. Finished 2 out of 139 entries.

181,632 views including the voting period.


Animator: TKEom

Description: hi

Experience: 5.5y

Time taken: 3days


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Frank J. Warsinski:

So the animation here is totally appealing. I just don't get the switching back and forth thing. Was it a time issue? I would have preferred seeing an actual scene with two characters. Maybe I'll return to this one and raise the star count (from 6 stars) just because the actual acting is so good.

Andrew Ball:

One thing I'd look at would be to have the guy it finishes on being way more expressive in his final pose. Other than that I really like it. Great work.


great acting. got a bit confused though wheather we have 2 guys or 1 schizo personality.

Leo Leung:

the two character match cut edit looks cool, but I would push that even more where the mustache guy is alot more reserved, and the younger guy uses his arms more and is alot wackier. Could be interesting if one of them moves more like a sony character and ont more normal. Good luck :) and nice polish

Peter Dang:

great timing. top 2

Howard Cameron:

This work work so well if the character didn't morph too early (F73).


Super awesome!!!

Ruben Uggla:

Really well animated. Love the body language.

Fernando Incetta:

Animation is super charming, live and funny. Nothing to comment there but a huge hats-off.
I'm not sure about the 2 characters in 1 situation. The two of them could have different acting choices too, the guy in the moustache moves with the same snappy energy that the bald guy, but his voice doesn't reflect this.

Congratulations! You have great chances of winning this month.

Niko Frenkenberger:

that 1 rig 2 actors switch is a bit confusing but the animation is very smooth

Daniel Blanco Ramos:

I would be really surprised if you don't win this month. Super awesome both the acting and morphing between characters :)

Raevynne 'Mei' Vile:

The animation is awesome, but the match cuts are weird. It makes me think this is a person with multiple personalities talking to himself. Really great facial expressions and acting choices! Perfect arcs.


Very cool stuff! Nice acting too.

George John Bowden:

A really enjoyed this one. Some great poses and expressions! Great imagination on tackling the audio!

James Daggs:

The camera shifts between both characters is a very nice touch. Very creative. Great animation and expressions to boot.

Christopher Wasp:

This is great! I love how you used only one model for this scene and transitioned from one character to the next. On Sylvester's lines the lip sync is kind of lost but doing mush mouth dialog is hard. So I'll give the benefit of the doubt. Great job!


Love the idea! your animation is great too!



Orapich Tingpet: