Final Rating: 4.55. Finished 64 out of 139 entries.

431 views including the voting period.


Animator: RaffiqRazali

Description: A rookie boxer wants to start training with a reluctant coach

Experience: 2++ years

Time taken: 10 days


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Fernando Incetta:

The bald guy left eye is crooked the entire clip, it's very distracting. Work on your hand gestures, they draw a lot of attention and they are a little underachieved here. Push them further.


Tasha Howe:

Personally, I would flip the right character to be facing the camera or add in a reverse shot so that you can see his reactions.

James Daggs:

I can tell that there is some solid animation, but you really should be showing off both characters properly.

Adrian Petitjean:

eyes seems a bit crossed. End pose could use a little more work. The wrist are kind of broken. Hands need to be "glued" to the hip in the beginning. I like the punching part. fr 133: eyebrow do this weird movement. Better off without it.


Theirs A BUT